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Heli Tours India is one of the most reputed and trusted air charter and aviation services provider in India. Book and fly to your preferred destinations in the helicopter or business jet of your choice. Heli Tours India provides the most comfortable , safe and luxurious helicopters , mutli-engine VIP helicopters and the best business jets available in the country. With our class leading personalised services and round the clock support , feel the ultimate comfort and luxury when you charter our helicopters and jets. Our wide network of helipads provide you with the flexibility to touchdown at your favorite locations. 

Spread your wings with Heli Tours

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Why choose Helitours ?

  • Premium services at optimum prices.
  • Professional & transparent management of aviation resources
  • Guidance from highly qualified aviation professionals
  • Quality services with highest levels of passenger and air safety
  • Ethics & Transperancy in business


  • Best in class helicopters with luxurious interiors preferred by corporates and VIPs
  • 24/7 support by highly skilled aviation professionals 
  • Assistance in preparing and constructing temporary / permanent helipads 
  • Assistance in obtaining helipad permissions 
  • Technical assistance for heli surveys , aerial mapping , underslung operations and other aerial work

Business jets

  • Ultra luxurious business jets 
  • Most competitve rates in the market 
  • Personalised services including ground transport and catering 
  • 24/7 support by highly skilled aviation professionals
  • Shortest execution time for domestic and international operations